Who Have Been the Best Surprises This NFL Season?

Indianapolis Colts 1 of 11

Over the course of a single year, the Indianapolis Colts went from an NFL-worst record of 2-14 to a 2012 record of 11-5 with a playoff berth.

After shipping Peyton Manning off to Denver and seeing the majority of its front office and veterans axed, the Colts were left with a first-time GM, first-year head coach (who would be diagnosed with leukemia right after the start of the season), a rookie quarterback (even if he was the most heralded rookie QB of his generation), and a roster of inexperienced, no-name players with very few exceptions (Reggie Wayne, Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, Adam Vinatieri).

So, how did Andrew Luck, Reggie Wayne, and a team of then-unknowns rally their team around a cancer-stricken Chuck Pagano under the interim leadership of Bruce Arians to put together a team that not only surpassed the previous year's 2-14 record, but also rallied for an astounding 11-win, playoff-bound season? #Chuckstrong, Indianapolis pride, and hugely inspired football: that's how!