Why Should You Hate on Every Team in These NFL Playoffs?

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New England Patriots (AFC #2 Seed)

As NFL fans, none of us ever needs a legitimate reason to hate on any team or any player. We do it simply because we can and because it makes us feel empowered and proud to defend whichever respective team we cheer for.

With that said, nobody will fault you for rooting against the New England Patriots this year. With a blowhard like Bill Belichick calling the shots, bros like Rob Gronkowski getting airtime, and superstar pretty boy Tom Brady as the leader and face of the team, you have limitless possibilities to choose from in your reasoning for scorn.

We'll pick a trite, but tremendous, one: Tom Brady is the worldwide face of UGG for Men. If UGG's appeal hadn't already been ruined by sorority girls everywhere years ago, the notion of #12 trying to sell dudes on slippers ranging from retail prices of $80 to $250 would have done the trick. Check out this UGG commercial starring Tom, and you'll see what we mean.