Who Have Been the Best American Idol Judges?

8. Randy Jackson 1 of 9

Let's face it, 'Idol' fans; while our beloved judges have had some entertaining moments over the years, they tend to be more of a drawback than an asset to the show. That said, some judges have been better than others, and while certain ex-judges won't be missed at all, there are a few that we might want back after Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, and Keith Urban take over.

One who we wish we could miss is Randy Jackson. With every season, he continues to spout off absolute nonsense amidst outbursts of "dawg" and "300,000% yes," and it's never been as cool as it seems to be in his head. Sorry Randy, but we're just not feelin' it this time, for you, for me, for you.