What Were David Bowie's Coolest Moments?

Bowie Returns from Silence 1 of 11

March 13, 2013

Ten years after his last album, 'Reality,' and years of domesticity, health scares, death rumors and the occasional film role or public sighting around New York, The Thin White Duke has reemerged with 'The Next Day,' the 24th album of his legendary career.

Released on March 12 after streaming on iTunes for free in advance of its official release, 'The Next Day' is earning Bowie positive-to-glowing reviews across the board and is primed to be his first #1 album in 20 years. Incorporating many styles from his iconic, chameleon-like career, 'The Next Day' is being heralded as one of his finest moments since his untouchable run of classic albums between 1969 and 1980. The album is a towering achievement that adds yet another milestone to his marvelous, one-of-a-kind career.