Which Stars Confessed to Oprah?

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In her long daytime and network television history, Oprah Winfrey has interviewed everyone who is anyone. And she's heard it all, becoming a bit of a therapist for her guests, who rattle off intimate details of their lives on her couch or in her big, plush chairs. She even says she has a dream that O.J. Simpson will some day confess to her!

The most recent star to take a seat in her hypothetical office was "disgraced cyclist" Lance Armstrong. Oprah's interview with the cancer survivor and seven-time winner of the Tour de France (who has since been stripped of all seven of these honors) was the first time he admitted to taking performance enhancing drugs and blood doping, which he previously publicly denied at the expense of teammates and others. Armstrong admitted to leading his team with a terrible example and not feeling one bit guilty about it at the time. He has brought lawsuits against everyone in opposition to him despite the truth of their claims, lost many friends, and lost the respect of fans. And, he says, he would do anything to go back and change it.

Lance isn't the first celeb to make a major confession to Oprah. Check out these other stars who spilled the beans!