What Are the Most Surprising Restaurant Diets?

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Everyone knows the story of Jared Fogle, "The Subway Guy." While weighing 425 pounds and downing 10,000 calories a day during his junior year at Indiana University, he decided to take advantage of the Subway near his apartment to try and shed a few pounds. After settling into a routine of skipping breakfast, eating one six-inch turkey sub, one foot-long veggie sub, a small bag of baked potato chips, and a diet soda each day, Jared's caloric intake was down to 2,000 calories. In one year, Jared had lost a staggering 235 pounds to get down to a trim weight of 190.

He became an instantly recognizable celebrity, and he carries his old 60-inch pants around with him as he tours the nation promoting healthy eating and active lifestyles.

(48 Hours)