Do Disney Princes Have Flaws?

The Beast, 'Beauty and the Beast' 1 of 11

Many young kids and grown adults alike have developed crushes on Disney's charming array of princes over the years. And why not? They're cute, they're rich, and they're strong. What's not to love? Well, they aren't really all they're cracked up to be. They're actually a pretty flawed group of guys.

One of the more obviously flawed Disney Princes is, of course, the Beast. His shallow, judgmental, and selfish behavior is what got him into trouble in the first place; and even after being cursed, he didn't bother to change his ways. He also had major rage issues and was abusive and controlling toward his servants and Belle. Hello! He kept her as a prisoner. That's not charming at all.

Sure, he became a better guy later, but if you meet a guy with all of those qualities in real life, run. Don't even think about dating him. He's a disaster waiting to happen. Click through to find out the undesirable qualities of some other beloved Disney Princes!