What Are the Most Unintentionally Funny Movies?

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In the world of film, there are comedies. Then there are films intending to be serious entertainment that are so awful that turn out to be hilarious. There are countless instances of low-budget B-movies and horror flicks that are so bad that they have amassed rabid cult followings. The following films are Hollywood movies that missed the mark so badly that they now function as laugh-a-minute comedies thanks to their repeated misfires!

Considering the shark thriller 'Deep Blue Sea' an unintentionally funny movie is contingent upon determining just how far into its cheek the film wanted its tongue placed. The film delivers B-movie thrills and suspense, courtesy of a mutated shark with superior intelligence terrorizing a cast made up of Thomas Jane, Saffron Burrows, LL Cool J, and Samuel L. Jackson.

There's little doubt it aims to be both scary and goofy as can be, but the question is just how much of the crappy CGI, awful direction, bad acting, and overall ridiculousness was actually intentional. When Samuel L. Jackson's character falls prey to the shark in one of the most hilarious death scenes you'll ever see, you have to wonder if 'Deep Blue Sea' wanted to be a comedy all along or whether it just happened to end up being a perfect storm of ridiculous writing, acting, direction, and special effects.