Which Celebs Have Had the Most Spouses?

Tony Curtis - 6 1 of 11

Celebrities are well-known for their short and not-so-meaningful marriages, but some take things one step further by marrying a long line of people! Which celebs have married the most? You're about to find out!

Up first is Tony Curtis, the actor who first made it big in the business because of his charming good looks. It's no surprise, then, that he had little trouble landing the ladies. In fact, he managed to land six different ones, including:

  • Janet Leigh (1951-62)
  • Christine Kauffman (1963-38)
  • Leslie Allen (1968-82)
  • Andrea Savio (1984-92)
  • Lisa Deutsch (1993-94)
  • Jill Vandenberg (1998-2010)

If you think that's a lot of wives, you're in for a shock! We're just getting started. Click through to find out who had the most marriages of all!