Which Disney Princess Should You Date?

Jasmine, 'Aladdin' 1 of 14

Do you have the hots for a Disney Princess? In your imagination, you've probably pictured yourself hooking up with one or more of these ladies in your lifetime. But which one would actually be a good match for you? It's time to find out!

Princess Jasmine might be a good match for you if you like a woman who:

  • Is far too trusting
  • Bares her midriff at all times
  • Doesn't put up with your crap

When you first saw her sexy red outfit, courtesy of Jafar, your childhood self probably discovered some brand new feelings. Don't worry! That's a perfectly normal reaction. She gives off sort of a Princess Leia vibe, after all. Who wouldn't love that?

But if you think her skimpy outfit and seductive glances mean she's easy, you're mistaken! The only way you'll stand a chance with Jasmine is if you're honest and you don't treat her like a trophy wife. Good luck with that.