What Are the Best Ultra-Violent Movies of All Time?

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There are loads of lists on the internet that chronicle ultra-violent movies and make selections based on little more than how much the audience can stomach. The lists embrace the gory torture porn of the 'Saw' and 'Hostel' franchise and their irredeemable spawn (i.e. 'The Human Centipede' series). They also include stomach-churning flicks that exist primarily to disgust with brutal scenes of rape and the glorified revenge mutilation of assailants ('I Spit on Your Grave,' 'Irreversible,' 'The Last House on the Left'). Then, there are the action flicks with bullets flying and all the gruesome effects that follow, but they lack total competence in writing, acting, and plot ('The Expendables,' 'Rambo,' the 'Resident Evil' franchise, '300,' the sequels of any action franchise not named 'Die Hard').

The following list of best ultra-violent movies touch on the any number of the factors such trash flicks do, but they also are impressive films and grand entertainments for many more reasons than merely seeing just how much you can stomach before walking out of the theater or being dumbed down to your core.