What Are the Most-Wanted Movie Sequels of All Time?

Gladiator 2: The Glory of Rome 1 of 11

Sequels are a tricky business in Hollywood because most of them are doomed for failure from the start. That's why many great movies never got the follow-up they deserved. Check out all these most wanted movie sequels!

'Gladiator' was an amazing piece of filmmaking that had everything we could hope for in a movie. The action, dialogue, plot, and soundtrack all worked so well together. Unfortunately, it's really hard to make a second movie when both the protagonist and antagonist are dead. Even so, a second Gladiator movie would completely rock our socks off.

In the original idea for the sequel, Maximus (Russell Crowe) is revived by the gods and becomes an immortal warrior throughout history. Luckily, that version was scrapped. Instead, I propose 'Gladiator 2: The Glory of Rome.' The sequel would follow the story of Juba (Djimon Hounsou) as he strives to surpass Maximus and become the most famous Gladiator of all time.