What Are the Best Romantic Gestures in Movie History?

John Cusack's Boombox, 'Say Anything' 1 of 11

In the movies, particularly romantic comedies, big romantic gestures are a necessity to keep fans invested in a couple's story. The more over-the-top and unrealistic the gesture, the more attractive the scenario is to those of us who need a little more romance in our dreary, lonely, and pathetic lives. We want to live vicariously through the characters! Why else do you think we love these stories so much?

One of the most memorable romantic gestures in movie history is in 'Say Anything.' After going through some relationship drama with his lady of choice, John Cusack's character drives over to her house, stands on the front lawn, and holds a boombox over his head, blasting song toward her open bedroom window that tugs at her heartstrings.