What Are Fascinating Oscar Facts for 2013 Academy Awards Night?

Best Director Snubs 1 of 11

February 19, 2012

When the Academy Award nominations for Best Director were announced without the inclusion of Ben Affleck ('Argo') and Kathryn Bigelow ('Zero Dark Thirty'), many movie fans and critics vocally expressed disdain for the snubs. In the weeks since the nomination snub, Affleck has taken prestigious honors at the Producers Guild Awards, the Directors Guild Awards, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, and the Golden Globe Awards for his direction. Unless he wins with an unprecedented write-in vote victory at the Academy Awards, Affleck won't be taking home an Oscar this year.

Ben isn't the only director to ever get snubbed after winning the top prize from his peers. The last director to win the prestigious Directors Guild Award without earning an Academy Award nomination was Ron Howard in 1995, for his work on 'Apollo 13.'