Which Movie Characters Are Probably Secretly Gay?

Ryan Evans, 'High School Musical' 1 of 11

Sometimes, movie characters who are supposedly straight exhibit many-a homosexual trademark. The writers/directors can pair them up with the opposite sex all they want, but we aren't buying it! They are as gay as a rainbow-patterned thong in the middle of a pride parade. You aren't fooling anyone!

One of the most obvious examples of this phenomenon is Ryan Evans from the 'High School Musical' series. Did they honestly think we'd believe for a second that he wanted to get with Kelsi? Not a chance! We saw the way he looked at Chad during their "I Don't Dance" duet. You could barely see the baseball field through the fog of their sexual tension! And in the next scene, they were wearing each other's clothes.

It looks like a couple of boys got cozy in the locker room after the game, if you know what I mean. Click through for some more "straight" movie characters who are obviously gay!