Which Celebs Are Marijuana Legalization Supporters?

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The celebrity who comes to mind right off the bat at the mention of marijuana has to be none other than Snoop Lion (aka Snoop Dogg). The man has made a hugely successful career built on rapping about and acting out his love for weed.

Besides recording a career's worth of hit songs steeped in weed references, starring in pro-weed movies like 'Mac & Devin Go to High School,' 'Soul Plane' and 'Half Baked,' being a poster boy for 'High Times' magazine, and enjoying a recent love of Rastafarian gear, Snoop has also been a vocal proponent for the legalization of marijuana in his home state of California. Leading up to the vote on Prop 19, Snoop took it upon himself to deliver a PSA in the hopes of getting people to show up at the polls in favor of marijuana legalization.