Which Big Bang Theory Character is the Best Match for Penny?

Leonard 1 of 11

Penny on 'The Big Bang Theory' is a total catch; she's gorgeous, she's kind, and she's even got a great sense of humor! But sometimes, her taste in men can be lacking. That's why I've decided to take it upon myself to decide which of the 'Big Bang' guys would be her best match!

No discussion about Penny's love life would be complete without mentioning Leonard, her on-again-off-again geeky flame. This pair seems to be end game for the show, but are they really that great for each other? Let's recap:

  • She seems pretty bored with him most of the time.
  • He judges her for not being "smart."
  • The only thing he seems to like about her is that she's willing to sleep with him.

You can do better, Penny! Click through to find out who would be a better choice.