What Is Preventing You From Losing Weight?

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One of the biggest reasons people fail to shed unwanted pounds is their consumption of empty calories. These calories add little, if any, nutritional value, but make up plenty of many people's daily caloric intake.

A significant portion of empty calories for much of the population comes from liquids. Sugar-packed sodas, coffee beverages, energy drinks and a wide array of alcohol and spirits increase daily caloric intakes while adding no nutritional benefit. Some offenders are worse than others (a 500-calorie Frappuccino from Starbucks or a Long Island Iced Tea that subtly mixes in several hundred calories with its potent spirits), but even low-calorie diet offerings may not help you drop pounds quite like you are hoping. The artificial sweeteners of diet drinks often lead to snacking that add on the calories you save by opting for the low-calorie route in the first place.

One great stride you can make is to trade in those high-calorie drinks for water whenever possible.