Who Have Been Glee's Greatest Couples?

Kurt and Blaine 1 of 11

Just about every character on the hit series 'Glee' has paired up with one another over the years, and many of these twosomes probably should've never happened to begin with. But certain couples have actually made a lot of sense, and they deserve to be obsessed over by internet shippers like you and me!

First on the list is, of course, Kurt and Blaine, otherwise known as Klaine. These two adorable bachelors made the perfect pair, up until the writers decided to sabotage everyone's favorite couple. How did they do it? By having Blaine behave completely out of character and cheat on Kurt with another guy. Not cool, writers! Not cool at all.

Since Kurt and Blaine are obviously meant to be, hopefully the writers will wise up and put them back together for good. Click through to find out the rest of my picks for Glee's greatest couples!


Allison Weaver | ChaCha Entertainment