Where Are the Stars of 'Lost' Now?

Matthew Fox 1 of 15

March 26, 2013

Jack Shephard

After enduring a hefty amount of tabloid fodder concerning his personal life (most of which was incorrect and laid to rest on record) in the years since the 'Lost' finale, Matthew Fox is primed for a big-screen takeover with a variety of juicy roles.

In 2012, he went under an unrecognizable transformation to throw himself into the role of a ripped cagefighter and serial killer named Picasso in the thriller 'Alex Cross.' He is also starring in the World War II drama 'Emperor,' in which he plays a character investigating whether Emperor Hirohito should be tried for war crimes. His biggest post-'Lost' role yet is alongside Brad Pitt in the upcoming apocalyptic zombie thriller 'World War Z.'