Do Pick Up Lines Ever Work?

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It's probably happened to you. You're minding your own business, chatting with friends at a party, sipping a drink at the bar, or grabbing a coffee on your way to work. You see a certain male character breach the edge of your peripherals and begin to come toward you. Maybe you're open to a little flirt action, or maybe you're not. But it doesn't matter what you want, he's pouncing regardless. You probably begin to wonder, is he actually aiming for me? Maybe just the girl next to me. What is he going to say? And then it happens.

"Excuse me, miss, I have to ask. Did it hurt?"


"When you fell from heaven, that is."

Yes, this guy just used a pick up line. A cheese-filled, corn-infused one at that. It makes you wonder, what would possess a man to bother with such ridiculous one-liners unless he were merely trying to get a laugh out of his bros? Who seriously thinks ice-breakers like these work?

According to dating expert Carlos Xuma, they don't work. But they don't not work, either.

It's what a man says after the opening line, tacky pick up or not, that is the clincher for most women, Xuma says. She's going to pay attention to his unplanned response to her reaction to see what he's really about. If he displays confidence, sincerity, and a decent level of sobriety, he's got a pretty good chance of at least keeping up the conversation through a drink or two. But if he continues on the path of cheese and corn or gets tongue-tied when he actually has to think on his feet, he can kiss his shot goodbye.

For some women, a stupid pick up line might actually work, as long as the guy makes it clear in his follow up that it was a joke and he's genuinely interested. A little laugh or eye roll might be just the thing to get a girl talking. For many women, however, a man who would even consider a degrading or laughable remark as a means of entering into conversation is simply pathetic.

So the safest bet, guys, is to nix the one-liners and go for honesty. A woman never turned down a genuine man (ok, that's not true).

Ladies, what do you think?


Natalie Moya | ChaCha Relationships & Dating

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