Should Girls Stop Texting?

Texting Hinders Girls' Superior Communication Skills 1 of 1

"Girls are biologically superior at communication." That's why psychotherapist and Huffington Post writer Fran Lasker says girls shouldn't text.

When it comes to relationships and dealing with boys, the standard medium of communication these days is texting. You have less than 200 characters to get your message across and wait for a rebuttal from the other end (unless you have a smart phone, which will send any length message...but who wants to read that?).

This method is preferred by the male population because it means they don't have to use their words. Lasker says that texting is suited to boys because their communication skills are considerably lacking in comparison to girls. It's a biological fact: the parts of the brain responsible for language are both larger in females than in males. Boys also typically have more awkward interactions with females, making texting the perfect thing to hide behind. Girls would really rather talk. After all, they do it about three times as much as boys do, on average.

Because texting has become such a dominant line of communication, Lasker says girls are forced to dumb down their skills of expression. And less personal interaction in which you can see someone's face and/or hear his tone of voice means you don't get to know him the same way, plus more misunderstandings and confusing statements. The option to not respond to a text message also severly diminishes accountability in a conversation. Toss in the use of emoticons, and things can get pretty muddled. "Idk :/" Um, ok?

This concept seems pretty logical. But I really think the outcome is situational. Sometimes a simple text is all that is required to answer a question or make a plan. And the majority of the time you see teenagers glued to their keyboards, gushing over their new BF, they're talking about fairly mundane things anyway: "Ur 2 cute." "Noo ur 2 cute!"

For the more important things, however -- conversations about interests and getting to know each other or attempts to resolve a problem -- texting isn't effective or appropriate. But if girls want to talk things out, then they need to initiate face-to-face interaction or a phone conversation. We know the boys aren't going to do it, so it's up to the girl to give him a call. If girls force communication, boys will eventually come around. Yes, there are exceptions. I know plenty of guys who are fairly long-winded, both in text messages and in person; but it's rare.

Now, you might argue that girls have been conditioned to be on the same communication level as boys because they've basically grown up on texting. But if their brains really are meant for gabbing, they should have little problem regaining their skills. It's up to parents and the girls themselves to make sure lines of communication are open with everyone in their lives. If girls aren't going to use their exceptional communication skills, then there's no one to blame for stooping to a male's level than the female herself.



Natalie Moya | ChaCha Relationships & Dating