Why Will Ben Affleck Make a Great Batman?

Nolan and Snyder Have a Plan 1 of 16

The internet has been all abuzz with everyone freaking out about the surprise choice of Ben Affleck for Batman/Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Batman/Superman crossover film. Most people of course seem to think it is the worst decision since Gigli, but we're here to tell you: it's not that bad. In fact, we think he'll be great!

First of all, the film will be produced by Christopher Nolan, the man who brought us the Dark Knight trilogy, which wasn't flawless but was pretty darn good. It is also being directed by Zach Snyder who is the man behind the camera of such movies as Watchmen and 300. I'm sure these two great men had a plan we just don't understand yet when they cast Ben Affleck as Batman.