Best Video Game Marriage Proposals

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When imagining a romantic wedding proposal, most people think of starlit skies or horse-drawn carriages. The location can vary, as some people pop the question at a fancy restaurant while others might prefer a football game. In the end, there are many different ways to propose, but video game players tend to do things a little differently than everyone else.

Over the past decade, creating custom levels in video games has become something of a mainstay for video game fans. It's also becoming more common that boyfriends are playing games with their girlfriends. Because of these new trends, it only makes sense that people are creating custom marriage proposals within their favorite video games.

Some might think proposing with a video game is lame, but these guys put a lot of thought and work into them. Go ahead and check out all the best video game proposals from around the web, and maybe you'll be convinced to do the same. The girls almost always say yes.