Are Beautiful People More Successful?

Some Think Beauty is Power 1 of 5

It's natural for human beings to be attracted to beautiful things. We love a gorgeous sunset, a well-crafted piece of art, and yes, a beautiful person. It's in our nature, our genetics if you will, to gravitate toward aesthetically pleasing things.

But is beauty valued more than other traits? A recent article in The Economist says that beautiful people have it easier in life. The article pulled from arguments of three authors to say that physically attractive people land better jobs and make more money than average, plain, or ugly people, despite a possible lack of education or qualification. They can even obtain loans more easily (really?). A 2005 study by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis also found that attractive people make about 5 percent more than the average person across all fields of work, factoring out things like education and experience.

I'm sure it's true that it's more pleasant to work with pretty people. If you have something nice to look at, it probably keeps you more engaged in conversation and more motivated to impress that person based on animalistic sexual desire. I'm not going to try and dispute professional research; but before we start hating on the beautiful people, let's break this idea down.

Putting such an emphasis on attractive people getting to where they are based solely on their looks is a little extreme. There are plenty of attractive people who are intelligent and professional and earn their big bucks fair and square, and there are also plenty of these pretty individuals who are scrambling to make ends meet. Not to mention, there are lots of, how do I say this, people who are less attractive by current social standards who make tons of money and have comfortable lives. I'm sure Donald Trump's hair, however iconic it is now, isn't what earned him his billions.