15 Things Banned in the U.S. That Are Legal in Other Countries

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Even though countries like China and North Korea are known for banning stuff, the United States has its own unique list of banned objects. Don't miss this list of 15 items currently banned in America that you can purchase Internationally.

Quite possibly the most legendary item on this list of banned items. Absinthe, a green spirit thought to have intense psychoactive effects, was banned in the US in 1915 along with much of Europe. Many notable authors and artists consumed the beverage. Oscar Wilde, Picasso & Ernest Hemingway to name a few. It's legend has continued with movies like "Euro Trip," "From Hell," and "Get Him to the Greek" depicting the hallucinogenic experiences of the characters. In 2007, a newer recipe was permitted for production without the trip-causing ingredient thujone.