Basic Things in Life you're Doing Wrong

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You probably think you have life all figured out, don't you? I mean surely you have at least the basic stuff down like using the bathroom, right? Wrong!

Most people take a shower or bath every day, but you probably shouldn't! All you're doing is damaging your skin and you're not actually getting as clean as you think you are! Bathing too often damages the outer layer of protective skin which leaves us more susceptible to diseases. And often, the microorganisms aren't washed away and simply move around in all the warm water, so you're just as dirty when you finish. Studies have even shown that people who shower more don't necessarily harbor less bacterial colonies.

So what should you do? Well, don't stop showering of course, but it wouldn't kill you to shower a bit less often to let your skin repair itself. And when you do shower, be a little more gentle on your skin: don't use scalding hot water and use a mild soap. Let your skin air dry or very gently towel dry and use lotion to rehydrate.