World Cultures With Crazy Manhood Rituals

Vanuatu Land Diving 1 of 16

If you thought just getting through high school, acne, and teenage angst was a hard enough way to grow up -- wait till you see these terrifying male rites of passage from around the world.

For starters, check out this image of what males in Vanuatu have to do to become a man.  Land diving looks a bit like bungee jumping, but it's way scarier! The divers leap off wooden towers that can be nearly 100 feet high -- with only 2 tree vines tied around their ankles for safety.

All around the world, various cultures put their young men through bizarre and frightening initiation rites on their journey to manhood. These destinations might not make the best spots for family vacations, but you can click through to see what you're missing out on!