Who Were the Dumbest Criminals of 2013?

Trail of Cheetos 1 of 16

Turning to a life of crime is one of the dumbest things you can do. You're bound to get caught eventually -- and it will be sooner rather than later if you make mistakes as stupid as the ones these dumb criminals made!

How about this 19 year old South Carolina guy? In January, 2013 he allegedly broke into a store in the middle of the night, and stole a whole bunch of supplies -- cigarettes, beer, snacks, and energy drinks. He might even have gotten away with it, had he not accidentally bust open some bags of Cheetos at the crime scene... And left a trail of them leading right to his door. Busted!

Read on for more of the most humiliating and idiotic fiascos dumb criminals landed themselves in in 2013! What were they thinking!?