What are the Hidden Uses of Vaseline?

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Chewing gum is fun to chew -- but horrible to get rid of. If you don't get it in a trash can as soon as you spit it out, it sticks to stuff and won't come off.

Gum in hair is the worst! But before you resort to a drastic haircut to get rid of it, try this -- Vaseline. Rub a little into and around the gum. Work the Vaseline in with your fingers. Then, use a wide tooth comb to get as much of the gum out as you can, before thoroughly shampooing your hair and giving it a good rinse.

Vaseline can also remove gum from wood. So if you come across a stash of gum stuck under a desk, table, or behind your kid's headboard, break out your trusty tub of Vaseline. Simply rub it in until the gum starts to break down. It should come right off.

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