Why Sochi 2014 Could Be the Worst Winter Olympics Ever

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The Winter Olympic Games in Sochi Russia, could possibly be the worst run Winter Olympics of all times. From trasportation, to hotels, to actual event conditions, the overall message from these Olympics has been a major failure. Keep reading to see just how horrible these Olympics are!

Transportation is not only minimal in Sochi Russia, it is basically impossible for all those who are visiting these games. The city was so unprepared despite years of warning that they did not even plow the snow off of the roads! How are people supposed to get to the events if they can't drive? Exactly, it is impossible. This is why if you have watched some of the events thus far you can see that the stadiums are barely populated. You would think that a city with so much time to prepare would at least be able to pave the roads and create a good method of public transportation.