Men Value Love $73 More Than Sex

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If men had to pay for love and sex, they would spend an average of $73 more on love. Ummm, good to know?

According to a 50,000-man, three-month long study by, a dating site where people buy and sell first dates (oh God...), Men who expressed interest in a more casual, "no strings attached" relationship were willing to pay an average of $121 for a first date. Men who expressed interest in a long-term relationship were willing to pay an average of $194 for a date. That's an average of $73 more that men would pay for a serious commitment. How comforting.

While the idea of paying for any kind of date -- sex included or not -- is repulsive to me, I guess this is an interesting discovery. Many women have a perception of men that includes some sort of sex-crazed mentality, but this study points to the fact that men might actually value a serious, loving relationship more than a measly fling. But I also have to wonder what kind of men (and women) are on this site in the first place. I'm not saying that the findings would be incorrect. I know plenty of guys, specifically ones I allowed to date me, who are sincere people looking for a true connection. But I would take a study by a site called with a grain of salt.

Either way, in a press release about the study, offered three little tid bits for women based on its findings. Click through the gallery to see what the site says you should look for on a first date, plus my two cents.


Natalie Moya | ChaCha Relationships & Dating