Top 15 Deadliest Snipers in History

Carlos Hathcock II (United States) - 93 Confirmed Kills 1 of 16

Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Norman Hathcock II is one of the most legendary snipers in the history of the United States military. He was known as "Gunny" to his fellow soldiers, but he was known to his enemies as "White Feather" because he wore one on his hat. During his sniper training, he set a record score of 248/250 points that was never beaten.

Hathcock went on to serve in the Vietnam War and was responsible for 93 confirmed kills and approximately 300 kills in total. He set the record at the time for the longest sniper kill at 2,5000 yards, and he also had one of the most impressive kills in history. Hathcock was unknowingly being targeted by a Viet Cong counter-sniper when Hathcock spotted the glint of his sniper scope. Hatchcock fired and hit the mark -- the bullet actually traveled right through the scope of the counter-sniper's gun and hit him in the eye.