15 Sad TV Character Deaths We're Still Bitter Over

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TV shows are usually an escape from the real life problems we all have to deal with. But every once in a while, TV can be harder to deal with than real life, as is evidenced in these 15 horribly sad deaths we experienced in some of our favorite shows. Did any of these make you shed a tear?

So just as we were getting into this awesome new show, Game of Thrones, not quite used to the whole George R.R. Martin kills everything you love thing, we saw Ned Stark in mortal peril. And we thought, surely he will find a way out of this, right? He's a good guy! He just confessed to treason just to save his daughters! But nope, off with his head yells that little weasel Joffrey. And then we knew what we had gotten ourselves into in deciding to watch this show!