Real-Life Crimes Inspired By Movies and TV Shows

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Crime is a common theme in movies and TV shows and unoriginal criminals often take inspiration from these sources instead of coming up with their own ideas. Check out this list of crimes inspired by those on the big and small screen, some truly terrifying! Can you guess what movie inspired the most real life copycat crimes?

Though it did inspire a few real life crimes, the answer isn't Scream. Perhaps the most famous Scream copycat murder was that of 15 year old Alisson Cambier of Belgium who was murdered by 24 year old Thierry Jaradin after she turned down his advances. After she turned him down, he left the room, put on a Ghostface mask and returned with two large knives which he used to stab her 30 times. He then called police and confessed to the crime saying he had used the film Scream as inspiration for the murder.