How to Be an Extreme Couponer

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Extreme couponing has become a topic of interest lately, what with the TLC show and all. The practice of utilizing coupons and store sales to the maximum capacity to save hundreds of dollars each trip to the grocery store (or spending nothing at all) is becoming more and more popular. Websites and books on the subject are cropping up everywhere, inlcuding from The Krazy Coupon Lady.

Founded by Joanie Demer and Heather Wheeler, two stay-at-home moms, former college roommates and authors of 'Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey,' The Krazy Coupon Lady is a website that guides extreme couponing newbies and is a resource for veteran savers. The site is full of tips, tricks, and great sale/coupon news and alerts.

In order to get extreme coupon wannabes started, KCL has compiled a list of 10 steps to start saving. If you want to save big and are willing to put in the time and effort to become an extreme couponer, click through this gallery to find out how to get started.