The Worst Cases of Police Brutality in History

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Sadly, cases of police brutality are all too common in the United States. The tragic Ferguson case was just the latest. Here are 15 more of the worst cases of police brutality in history.

Rodney King's is perhaps the first famous case of police brutality to occur in America. King was driving drunk down the highway in Los Angeles in 1991 when officers tried to pull him over. He refused for 8 miles before they finally surrounded him and ordered him and his friends out of the vehicle. The entire incident that follows was seen by a witness on a nearby balcony who taped officers tase King twice and beat him so badly that he ended up with facial and skull fractures, broken bones and teeth and kidney damage. The 4 officers involved were charged but 3 were acquitted sparking the LA riots of 1992. The officers were retried and this time 2 were found guilty while 2 were acquitted.