Biggest Las Vegas Casino Heists in History

Jose Vigoa Crime Spree 1 of 6

Jose Vigoa is possibly the most famous casino robber of all time. This legendary criminal pulled off 5 successful heists at major Las Vegas casinos over the course of 16 months. In his book called 'Storming Las Vegas' Vigoa said, "Vegas was my prey. I tell my crew - Vegas makes it, Vigoa takes it."

In each heist, Vigoa and his partner stole from armored cars while a third partner served as a lookout. They grabbed large amounts of cash from each heist and managed to escape every time. Vigoa's identity was discovered after robbing the Bellagio because he was caught on camera without his mask. Vigoa was arrested after a high speed chase and is now serving 500 years in prison without parole.