Craziest Cults That Ever Existed

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Throughout the years people have inexplicably joined some pretty wacky cults, but these have to be the craziest of them all! From doomsday to aliens to rides on a passing comet, you won't believe the things these cult leaders got their followers to believe.

Raëlism was a cult founded in the 70s by a man from France who was a former race car driver and cabaret singer. Who wouldn't want to follow such a cool guy? He created an atheist religion that believes that life on Earth was created by aliens. He claims he was given this knowledge by a 25,000 year old alien named Yahweh. His cult is also known for trying to clone human beings and he has a whole slew of women who donate eggs for that purpose though likely much of this is a cover for an underground sex industry run by the cult leader. The group is still active today with tens of thousands of members.