Most Legendary Swords in the World

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Through much of history, the sword made the man. These are some of the most legendary swords ever to have been forged and the fascinating stories that are associated with them.

Perhaps no sword is more famous than The Sword in the Stone. While the legend of King Arthur that it's associated with is thought to be mostly a work of fiction, the sword itself may just be real. There is an actual sword stuck in stone in a chapel in Italy that has been carbon dated back to the 12th century.

The real story follows a Tuscan knight named Galgano who was told by the Archangel Michael to stop sinning. He claimed it would be as difficult to stop sinning as it would be to cleave stone. He tried to prove his point by hitting his sword against a rock, but it went through with no problem. Galgano left behind his sinning ways and was later canonized as a Saint.