Is a College Education Really Worth It?

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It's a terrifying time to be a high school senior. The once-thrilling prospect of attending college now comes saddled with the knowledge that a degree doesn't guarantee a good career. That's thanks to the combination of economic instability and high unemployment, which created fierce competition in the job market. With tuition rates skyrocketing, many students are now forced to wonder if a college education is really worth the cost.

Of course, nobody is forcing you to go to college -- and high schoolers need to consider that option. College just isn't the obvious choice that it used to be, or that society would still have you believe. There's actually a surprising amount of value in entering the workforce straight out of high school. Even if you start at minimum wage, you're banking money and gaining experience while students are racking up debt. The road of a less educated worker definitely isn't easy, but today it can actually be a respectable and responsible choice.

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