Innocent People Who Were Wrongly Imprisoned

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Can you imagine going to prison for years, or even decades, for a crime that you did not commit? That nightmare situation is exactly what happened to these seven men who were wrongly convicted of serious crimes.

Louis Taylor should have been a hero, but instead he served time behind bars. He was convicted for starting a fire in an Arizona hotel that killed 29 people in 1970. Taylor always maintained his innocence, but it wasn't until over 40 years later that he was cleared of all charges.

The TV program "60 Minutes" helped to uncover racial bias and shoddy detective work in the investigation that sent Taylor to jail. It turns out that he was just helping people to escape the fire before being arrested and serving the longest prison sentence ever by an innocent man. Despite all the evidence, Taylor was forced to give a "no contest" plea in order to be released from prison and avoid a second trail -- therefore he is technically still guilty.