8 Sneakiest Ways to Text in Class

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Pretty much every student texts in class, but even the most out-of-touch teachers are starting to catch on. You might get away with it a few times, but you'll get caught eventually... unless you're really sneaky. If you're totally addicted to texting and can't wait to message your friends, you need to master these techniques for texting in class!

No matter which of them you choose to attempt, the biggest skill that will keep you from getting caught is being able to text without looking at the screen. You have to memorize how to unlock, navigate to the texting app, and send your message while keeping your eyes on the teacher as much as possible. Also make sure that your sound is turned off (not vibrate) and the screen brightness is almost all the way down before class starts.

Once you've mastered the no-look text and set up your phone, you're ready to try the classic move. Your desk and the person in front of you work as a natural shield, so just hold the phone under the desk and text away. Pretend to take notes or even answer a question to throw off any suspicion.