Terrifying Stories of People Who Were Buried Alive

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Being buried alive is one of the most terrifying things that can ever happen to a person. Fortunately, it is a very rare occurance, but it does still happen. Some people even managed to survive their harrowing experience!

Mina El Houari of France, 25, had been talking to a man online for months before she decided to travel to Morocco to meet him in person in 2014. The date was going great until she suddenly collapsed on the floor, presumably dead. The man panicked and decided it would be better to bury her body in his garden than to be accused of murdering a foreigner.

A few days later, Mina's family began looking for her and with the help of police tracked down the man who confessed to burying her dead body. They discovered that she was an undiagnosed diabetic and had fallen into a coma. She wasn't dead when he buried her, but she was dead by the time they found her. The man was charged with manslaughter.