Craziest Bank Robberies Ever Attempted

The Blind Bank Robber 1 of 8

Just deciding to rob a bank in the first place is already insane, but these criminals attempted some of the craziest bank robberies ever. Most of them failed, but a few were actually successful!

Robert Vernon Toye was legally blind, but he didn't let that stop him from robbing 17 banks. He could only see just a little bit out of his right eye, so he waited for someone old and slow to enter the bank and would follow them to the counter since they were easier to see. He gave the teller a playing card that said "Be fast, be quiet, or you're dead." Once he had the money he would use his cane to make his way out the door. He usually never even brought a gun to the robberies!

He was eventually caught and was sentenced to 17 years in prison. While there he tried to escape 11 times, once using his cane to hold down the barbed wire on top of a fence, but he was caught after he ran straight into a tree.