4 Beautiful Places in the World Ruined By Trash

Mt. Everest 1 of 5

Mt. Everest is the tallest mountain in the world, but it's also the most polluted one. The massive number people climbing the mountain has left it permanently crowded and totally trashed. The two most popular routes up the mountain, the Northeast Ridge and Southeast Ridge, are absolutely disgusting. Almost everywhere you look, there are empty oxygen tanks, torn tents, empty food containers, and worst of all... a lot of human waste.

The Eco Everest Expedition takes place once per year to help clean up the waste, with over 13 tons of garbage removed since 2008. Despite their efforts, experts estimate that about 10 tons of garbage still remain on Mt. Everest. Climbers now face fines if they are caught littering, but for many it's still too tempting to drop the extra weight.