6 Secrets That Game Shows Don't Tell You

Multiple Episodes Are Taped at Once 1 of 7

Who doesn't love a good game show? You get to watch people win big or fail hard, plus there's always the hope that you might win someday. Of course, what you see isn't exactly what happens in real life, thanks to the magic of television. Keep reading to find out all the secrets that you never knew about game shows!

One thing you might never have noticed is that game shows often tape multiple episodes in the same day. It just doesn't make sense to bring in the whole cast and crew, all the contestants, and an audience for just an hour of filming. Some game shows will even record up to 6 episodes in one long marathon that can last for over 10 hours with breaks, makeup, and practice time.

Most of the time you can't even tell, but it's more obvious on shows like Family Feud where returning families wear the same exact clothes in different episodes. Probably the worst thing about it is all the waiting, as contestants who haven't appeared on stage are typically locked in a room backstage and can't even go to the bathroom without being supervised.