Crazy Stories of Babies Who Were Switched at Birth

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While you might think that being switched at birth is something you only see in movies or on TV, it happens at a shocking rate in hospitals. About 7 in every 1,000 babies are either temporarily or permanently switched. Here are some of the most shocking tales of babies that were switched at birth!

A set of twin girls was born in the Canary Islands in 1973 in a state hospital that was very busy. Somehow one of the twins was switched out for another baby girl and they were both raised by their families without anyone suspecting anything was wrong. When the girls were 28 years old, one of the twins was spotted by the other twin's friend in a mall. The friend arranged for the two to meet and they got a DNA test to confirm they were the real twins. The three girls sued the government over the mix up and were awarded $3.8 million in damages.