10 Chick Flicks Your Guy May Actually Like

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As women, we've all heard it before. You're ready to settle in and watch a movie, either with a group of friends or with the significant man in your life, and the conflict arises: you are just dying to watch the latest romantic comedy all of your friends have been raving about, but you know the guys won't go for it.

Sometimes, it's understandable. Many women are aware that a lot of female-oriented movies are as cliché and predictable as they come, and most self-respecting men wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole. Those types of movies should be reserved solely for girls' nights, in my opinion; why force him to suffer through something you know he will hate?

Not all chick flicks are so repulsive to guys, though. Keeping in mind that obviously not every man would agree with each other about a movie's greatness, I've come up with a list of ten "chick flicks" that your dude might actually like. Click through this gallery to gather some inspiration for your next movie night!