Most Atrocious Free Throws of the NBA

The Most Basic Fundamental 1 of 8

Some would argue that the free throw is not the most basic fundamental, but it literally does not get more basic. No one is guarding you. Unlike any other play in the game, there are no variations. No one trying to steal it or block your shot, no shot clock rushing the shooter and everyone must shoot them at some point. It's just the player and the ball. It has always baffled me that one could be considered a professional at a sport but be so horrible at the most basic element of a game. 

I have often heard that it is hard for big men to shoot free throws. To this I say with vigor, "Poppycock." NBA history is littered with big men who could stroke it from the line. Rik Smits was 7'4" and was a consistent 80% free throw shooter. The difference you ask? The Dunking Dutchman had impeccable form. He had obviously practiced with good form and then practiced with good form some more. I don't doubt that these players on my list have practiced free throws (though I question to what extent) but their form is abominable. Here are the ugliest and most inaccurate free throw shooters of all time.

Jake Monroe -ChaCha Sports